What are cinemagraphs and why are they taking advertising by storm? | 14 Jul

What are cinemagraphs? In a nutshell, they are static images with an element inside them that moves on a loop. The result? A stunning living photo which captivates you. They are certainly causing quite a stir in the advertising world where we are constantly being pushed to create improved, more creative and engaging content. So we’ve decided to delve into the subject of cinemgraphs a little more…

You may have noticed the rise of the use of these images with a twist of motion recently within social media, advertising and creative websites and/or blogs. These intriguing cinemagraphs are designed to bring a new creative edge to better express a companies’ visual identity.

Although the trend was introduced in 2011 by Jamie Beck, New York fashion photographer, and Kevin Burg, motion graphic designer, it has become increasingly popular recently with brands now favouring it to still images, videos and GIFs.

But why cinemagraphs? Cinemagraphs are easier and more cheap to produce than video, without it being distracting like most GIFs. They’re perfect to attract a viewers attention and great for encouraging engagement on Social media with Facebook’s and Instagram’s autoplay feature.

Who’s using it you ask? Oh just Chanel, Coca-Cola, Honda, Tiffany & Co, and Taylor James of course!

Together with renowned fashion photographer, Kristian Schuller, one way Taylor James have used cinemagraphs was in our cross-platform campaign for Vertu’s new Constellation phone. We created these from the final hi-resolution prints, and why? Because they’re mesmerising that’s why. Scroll down and see for yourself below.

See the full case study for Vertu here.

Cinemagraphs add that little something special that you’re looking for on your client campaign. By making sure we have good quality visuals being produced right from the start, it is something that the Taylor James team can do for you too – just GET IN TOUCH and ask us to see how we can enhance your next creative idea into something more.

We have many more cinemagraph campaigns to reveal soon, so keep checking back on our website!

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