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We were approached for production advice on this tricky concept they had for a woman shedding her own skin. Photographic realism was a must for the creative team. Through a short testing process we showed that our CGI process was perfect for creating highly detailed & delicate objects, even this skin suit. Combining photography, CGI and retouching we set about capturing the model in the main poses, then also a 360 of every body part. We retouched a template of folded out skin which was then being wrapped round a 3D model of the same girl. Within the ‘How its made’ animation, you can see the working stages as we went through the CGI process, starting with basic model, we added more and more realism as it developed this shot. This project is a great example of how CGI model making replaced expensive traditional production processes. The savings made in modeling allowed this campaign to happen within the modest budget and tight delivery schedule.


  • Client | Healthcare brand

  • Photography | L J Hopkinson

  • Creative Direction | Taylor James

  • Additional Photoraphy | Taylor James