Vertu – Constellations

Vertu, the world’s leading luxury mobile phone brand, brought Taylor James and renowned fashion photographer Kristian Schuller together for the cross-platform launch of the new Constellation phone. Take a look at the campaign below.





The Taylor James team did technical previsualization prior to the shoot. CAD data was used to replicate the English handcrafted devices and our own leading retouch artists seamlessly integrated each fantastic aspect to create a stunning collection of images reflecting both the creativity and style of the brand.

Using majestic locations and eccentric characters, fashion photographer Kristian Schuller used his wealth of creative knowledge to really bring this campaign to life.

Pre-Production and Pre-Visualization

Our Technical Director provided VFX supervision on set; handling the pre-visualisation, tracking and advising on- set assembly. Gaining access to the location prior and do a digital recce, we were able to build an amazing library of tools to help solve the various technical and creative obstacles before actually getting on set. By shooting a ‘Photo Fly’, this mass of photographs instantly created a digital version of the sets alongside our floor plans and calculations. The entire scene is then accurately scaled for us to place the virtual camera based on the specifications of the IQ180 and interchange prime lenses to gage perspective.

We could place the virtual camera anywhere without having to move an entire crew around, find the best lens and use our GPS calibrated sun system to select the best time of day.

David Wortley, TJ Technical Director

On Set Supervision

Using the pre-vis findings and working closely with the photographer and team, we were able to advise accordingly and find solutions to issues that always arise on set. This instant feedback is something that saves the entire production a lot of time and overall money. Holding up a huge project like this in the middle of a photo shoot can be costly and frustrating, but with the VFX supervision everything is dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

 We were able to take the photographic assets and comp them into the CGI environment on set, to give the client a detailed visual representation of what the final images would look like.

CGI Production and Animation

Supplied with the CAD data, Taylor James created a 3D model that includes the subtleties of manufacturing and handcrafting that make a product look authentic. Creating the hand stitched calf leather, grade 5 titanium and sapphire crystal, this 3D model is indistinguishable from the real thing.


Following our production pipeline, the agency and client were kept informed at key stages, and guided through the decision-making processes. By re-utilising assets for consistency, establishing fixed camera positions and using proven shaders, the creative leads could optimise the quality of the material and answer all client, creative and production issues.

Our retouchers expertly integrated the phones and CG butterflies accordingly keeping in mind the creative lighting and overall quality of the brand.


The cross platform campaign spanning both print and digital had the ability to expand throughout every media portal. This fantastic project really shows how CG and photography can work in parallel giving extraordinary results.

Spot the work on their exclusively designed micro-site, online, and throughout national press publications.

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