Westfield – Fashion Lives

CHI & Partners, London commissioned TJ to create three shots for their stunning print campaign, “Fashion Lives”. Promoting Westfield shopping centre’s latest Autumn/Winter collections, the shots will be used across billboards, bus sides and other various outdoor medias. The creative concept behind the shots was that the models were leaving behind last season’s clothes as a shell of their former selves, and stepping into Autumn/Winter in the latest season’s threads.

There was a two day photo-shoot to capture the models in their ‘before’ and ‘after’ outfits and poses which TJ then used to form the CGI shells and final images. Firstly, photos were taken of each model standing and rotating slowly in a ‘T’ pose in order for the camera to capture every angle necessary to rebuild the models’ to their exact proportions and likeness. They were then photographed in the poses desired for the CGI shells, so that every fold and crease could be replicated. The 2D photography was then used as a base to create the cracked ‘shell’ versions through a process of sculpting and modelling, much like a fine artist would. The process for this job, was complex requiring both technical skill but also an artistic eye to ensure the CGI models were instantly recognisable.
The TJ team embraced the challenge and the end result is testament to that.