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Enchanted woodland of sparkling toadstools, pixie dust, gem studded cobwebs, beautiful waterfalls and hidden tree dens… This could only be for one brand: Disney!

GSW came to us to produce this intricately magical CGI animation, a charming interactive campaign for Disney and Lilly Diabetes who recently joined forces to raise awareness of child diabetes. An intersection of science and magic, the interactive animation takes you on a journey with new Disney character Coco the monkey, to learn of the family support material available for newly diagnosed patients. A worthy cause that tugged on our heart-strings and a great opportunity to let our creative imaginations go wild, we are proud to show off the final result. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!


  • Client | Eli Lilly and Co

  • Agency | GSW Worldwide

  • CGI | Taylor James



'Behind the scenes'


Working with agency GSW, our brief was to create a two minute full HD animated piece without any cuts at all! At the conclusion of the linear animation the piece also features interactive elements, appropriate for a touch screen that would be used by kids and their parents. Each touch of the screen involved zooming into the “hero” image to highlight specific information. More broadly, it was essential that the animation could capture a child’s imagination - helping them engage with diabetes whilst connecting them to useful resources at the conclusion.

The proposition was to create a magical journey into a storybook; arriving at a secret woodland grove beside a pool where a child or parent could link to cookbooks, novels and web resources all related to Diabetes.  The look and feel had to be in sympathy with the Disney style…and include plenty of fairy dust!


This was an exciting challenge for the studio, as the look and feel of the piece would be stylized – rather than following the photo-real pipeline we are more renowned for. We had already created a high resolution Print image for this client on the same theme, so had previously developed a look and feel for the fairy dust, the woodland setting and some of the key features – such as the vines and mushrooms, which gave us a sound foundation. However, the new animated brief demanded that we go deeper into the woods, bringing them to life and peering more closely at the details…a challenge that would really stretch our creative muscles…as ever, up against a highly demanding schedule.


To stay on track tasks were distributed across the studio in parallel - the concept team explored the “look and feel” of the woodland glen as well as the story book and the compositions for each of the “information frames” at the tail of the piece. At the same time our director worked on the pre-viz and a third team began development on the many special effects; such as fairy dust and purple smoke that appear liberally throughout.

Once the design work was approved we swiftly moved into 3D and began development on the most demanding element: the growth of the trees and vines. These were sculpted and detailed in Z Brush, then textured and rigged in 3dsMax. Many objects had to work from a distance as well as close up (as we zoom in to certain areas of the final image at the conclusion of the piece) so these areas of the image had to be developed in great detail in terms of sculpting and painted texture.


We supplied our client with the main video, along with all the zoom “loops” for the interactive sections, each with multiple layers; allowing their developer to seamlessly insert their own content (written and photographic) content within the visuals we’d created. This interactive film is now being used at conferences and fairs to engage children, parents and members of the medical profession alike!
Lilly Diabetes ‘Disney & Lilly’ behind the scenes image 1
Lilly Diabetes ‘Disney & Lilly’ behind the scenes image 2
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