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Taylor James controlled the production of the entire MOTOROLA CITY website and all of its content.  Our expertise lies chiefly in the production of imagery and the creative, technical and logistical management of such largeprojects.  When it came to finding a company that could put all our client’s ideas, information and imagery into a ground-breaking website it was very important that they worked to the same high standards as ourselves, that led us to Soulpolice, an interactive design agency based in Oslo, who we have worked closely with many times before so we knew they could provide the level we required.  This website is a triumph for creative content presented through the most advanced platforms, all tied together seamlessly through faultless transitions and a robust web interface.


  • Client | Motorola

  • Agency | BBDO, New York

  • Digital Agency | Soulpolice, Oslo

  • Photography | Taylor James & Simon Thorpe

  • Creative Direction | Taylor James

  • Complete Prod | Taylor James



'Behind the scenes'


Initially, we were approached by BBDO New York, to just create an idealistic city for Motorola’s new print campaign promoting their Government and Public Safety solutions. A B2B campaign that focused around a 'Motorola City'; a place where fire, police and ambulance services all communicate using the latest technology by Motorola to aid in dangerous situations and help save lives From the initial quote, creative discussions led us to pitch the idea of re-utilising the print assets we were originally going to develop the idea by creating a rich media interactive website. We wanted to expand the initial concept; flying into this complete CGI city to see the final six of these stories unfold. By only using photography of the talent and products in situ, our aim was to engage the user through this visually rich experience and drive interest to Motorola's main website whilst tying it in with the print campaign.


We entered an extensive pre-production stage, concepting stories that reflected real-life situations when the technology would be used. Dealing with over 8 divisions of Motorola, we had to make sure every product and software solutions were correctly positioned within our stories. This in itself was no easy feet. Once approved, we went straight into production building almost everything in CGI, except all products, talent and 2 of the vehicles. The beauty of using CGI for this particular job was that everything sketched could be built exactly the same, no location scouting, gambling on weather, set dressing locations, or having to comp extensive backdrops together. We simply built the Subway, Stadium, City Building, Campus Security Office, Patrol car, and Command Center exactly how we had drawn them. Production started, with the CGI team following our unique 'REALWorld Rendering' process, immediately modeling the city in an amazing amount of detail, looking to capturing maximum amount of realism. We sent our internal photographer to the USA, for reference photography and to shoot a couple of the initial talent. We waited until MS3 of our RWR production before starting the full photography production. With our CGI locations ready, our photographer was given locked off positions, lensing, angles and lighting for each of the actors on set. We shot 26 primary and 87 secondary characters, 15 count scenes and completed over 70 wardrobe and styling changes. With the client on set to approve accurate product functionality, we took this chance to structure immediate comps of chosen selects into our backgrounds for approval of the low-res versions of the images. Altogether, it was 4 very productive days!


Within 3 months we took this project from award to completed campaign, delivering 4 master prints, 1 integrated microsite, several banner adverts and the full 6 stories as layered psd for countless extended marketing requirements. The website has won over 15 internet based awards and gone down as a landmark site that has helped change peoples understanding of the modern potential of the internet. "We've all seen sites with 3D fly-through, but this site for Motorola is one of the best examples. The visuals alone will suck you in because they are so impressive. But what I find equally impressive is that they go further than your average site that uses these same techniques. Most sites use a 3D fly-through and then do nothing else, but this site seamlessly incorporates cut scenes with parallax scrolling which take on a life of their own. Very impressive indeed! You can't help but want to explore each scene, even if you don't match the intended audience. It was hard to fault this one!" Rob Ford, The FWA “Motorola’s Second Nature microsite took us in a new direction as it leveraged assets used in our print production. The idea of creating a virtual city where visitors could experience real-life scenarios while learning how Motorola’s products can be applied was very exciting. TJ carried this passion through the entire production. Working closely to implement all the technical aspects of our products and solutions, they brought together all parts of the puzzle and created a stunning piece of work.” Mary Caldeiro, Director of Integrated Production, Motorola Interactive Marketing Manager.
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